Modern Gem Design Services

Focused on increasing asset values for owners, our services specifically include all stages of the interior and exterior design process including:

Initial development phase and space planning

Material and unit finish selection

Sourcing of hardware and fixtures

Paint selection and potential renderings

Quality control through the installation process

Design consultation services

Modern Gem Design :: Exterior Paint Schemes
Modern Gem Design :: Exterior Paint Schemes for Multi-Family Properties
Modern Gem Design :: Exterior Paint Schemes for Apartment Communities

Exterior Paint Schemes

Our standard exterior paint scheme projects include:

  • 3 complete exterior paint schemes

  • 3 schemes will be approved for building mockups

  • 2-3 site visits total including initial visit

  • Will shop submarket comps

  • Mood boards with paint color swatches and paint diagrams

  • Paint diagrams show photos of different building elevations to give direction on what color goes on what part of the buildings

  • Work closely with contractors to ensure quality of mockups, provide direction in finalization of the paint scheme

  • Recommend contractors if necessary

flat fee of $3500 for 3 paint schemes + reimbursable expenses

Interior Paint Palettes




Modern Gem Design :: Interior Paint Palettes

Modern Gem Design :: Unit Interior Renovation Design and Specifications

Unit Interior Renovation Design & Specifications

Our unit interior renovation design and specification services include:

  • Provides up to three specification lists per property or “project”

  • Will walk every unit type per property and provide a list of all major unit interior renovation categories, their existing condition, and recommendations on where to spend the budget

  • Will shop comps in the submarket to assess the property’s competition

  • Will work with your per unit renovation budget

  • Can assess where money is best spent given the amount budgeted per unit

  • Can assess where best value “pop” or best “bang for your buck” lies based on budget per unit with budgeted rent growth per unit

Pricing IS Tailored TO SPECIFIC Project NEEDS

Model units & Clubhouse Renovations

Our model unit and clubhouse renovation services include:

  • No cookie cutter approach – every project has its own needs and feel

  • Will assess all existing pieces to see if any are worthwhile using

  • Unique product selection and superior attention to detail

  • Rapid turnaround time

  • Mood board with images of selected furnishings, artwork, decor, paint, flooring, etc will be provided for your approval

Estimated costs based on the following:

•    Your project budget and assessed needs
•    Cost of Furnishings, Art, Décor (trade pricing  + markup + taxes)
•    Delivery & Installation
•    Reimbursable expenses (travel costs etc.)

We will work within your budget with a goal to beat it. If we feel that the project has additional needs, we will provide suggested options based on the overall goal of the property’s capital needs.

Modern Gem Design :: Clubhouse Renovations
Modern Gem Design :: Model Units and Clubhouse Renovations