Amenities Multifamily Properties Should Consider to Appeal to Families

Modern Gem Design :: Amenities Multifamily Properties Should Consider to Appeal to Families

Did you know that 33% of renter households have kids? If you haven’t considered kid-friendly amenities at your property then you might be missing out on appealing to a third of your potential audience! Today we’re discussing different options that can help your property stand out for families.


When it comes to kids, having a playground is usually the go-to amenity for properties. If your property has available space, this can be a great option to have onsite so that kids are able to play where they live which makes life a lot easier on parents! Plus, it gives kids chance to get outside to run around and burn off some energy which can also be a perk to other tenants.

Daycare Services

If you want an amenity that will set your property apart and you have the resources to do so, onsite daycare can be a huge draw for working parents. Finding quality daycare services nearby is often a top concern and having it available onsite can be a game changer. If you don’t have the resources to do so, another option is to partner up with a local daycare provider for this service as well. By partnering up, you’ll be supporting local businesses while also providing a coveted service to your residents.

Community Center

Having a community center that can be reserved by families can be another great amenity as well. Renting out places can be costly for children’s birthday parties and other celebrations so having a space available within your complex can be a great option. Another perk to having a community room is having the option to host seasonal events for kids at your property. This is another great way for your tenants to mix and mingle and get to know their neighbors. When it comes to families, having a home that feels like a community is top of mind for continuing to rent.

Theater Room

One last option you may want to consider is having a theatre room. This is another unique amenity that tenants get excited about and it can be great for kids too. Families can reserve the room to watch their favorite movies as a private theater which is always an extra special treat for both kids and parents alike!

As with all amenities, it’s all about adding value to your residents’ lives, both adults and children alike! This helps keep them satisfied and happy to continue to renew at your property meaning these amenities will have a great ROI for you. If you don’t already have amenities appealing to families then now is the time! Give us a call today and we can discuss some options that may best fit your property.