Bathroom Renovation Tips for your Multifamily Property

Photo: Home Depot

Photo: Home Depot

If you are looking to renovate two rooms in your multifamily units that will give you the most ROI then you’re looking at the kitchen and the bathroom. We’ve shared some tips in the past for ideas when it comes to the kitchen and today we’re going to talk all about the bathroom. Because it is one of the most used rooms in a home, bathrooms tend to show a lot of wear and tear so finding cost-effective upgrades can be an important decision. Not only do you want the upgrades to last, but you also want them to stand out amongst your competition.

Clean Up the Caulking and Grout

First and foremost, having bathrooms that look clean are absolutely essential. If the bathroom tile is dirty or the shower looks moldy then it doesn’t matter what upgrades you consider, tenants won’t see past those details. For this reason one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that the tile grout is cleaned to perfection and any discolored or molding caulking is replaced. Key places to look include the floor, backsplash and the shower and bathtub. If there is one thing you should do between tenants, it is this and luckily it’s also one of the most inexpensive upgrades.

Upgrade the Shower head

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a little bit more of a wow factor, then look no further than the shower head. Upgrading the shower head from a standard option to a rain shower head can instantly catch the eye of potential tenants and can be a fairly inexpensive update. Having an upgraded shower head gives a feeling of luxury which will also help set your property apart.

Replace the Toilet Seat

Another suggestion is to replace the toilet seat. Not only will a new toilet seat make the toilet look brand new, but you may also want to consider a toilet seat that has a soft close. Little details like this can show potential tenants that you pay attention to details, plus it makes something that may not be that exciting otherwise stand out a little more.

Upgrade Hardware

Another easy update for your bathrooms is to upgrade the hardware used on cabinets or in the shower. This could include replacing the sink faucet, cabinet knobs, towel racks, shower curtain rod, or the toilet paper roll holder. All options will give the space a refreshed look without having to replace bigger ticket items like vanities.

Small upgrades can go a long way in the bathroom and can extend the fresh look for bigger renovations you have done in the past. Looking for help on how you could upgrade the bathrooms in your multifamily property? Contact us today!