Tips to Improve Curb Appeal on a Budget

Modern Gem Design :: Tips to Improve Curb Appeal on a Budget

You know how important it is to keep your rental units and the exterior of your buildings in tip top shape, but how much attention have you paid to your landscaping? Curb appeal is so important when it comes to creating a positive first impression for tenants so make it count! The good news is it doesn’t have to be expensive to update either. Today we’re showcasing different ways you can easily improve your curb appeal for your multifamily property.

Use Native Plants and Cut Back Large Trees and Plants

Large structural hedges are out and native plants are in! One of the latest trends in outdoor landscaping is utilizing native plants that create a softer, more natural appearance. Large hedges or trees can become overpowering in outdoor spaces and can benefit from being cut back. Openness and light-filled spaces often appeal to potential tenants and the same goes for your landscaping. We suggest planting things in small groupings or spaced out to avoid having things look too cramped. Having native plants that are lower maintenance can also help you reduce some of the upkeep responsibilities and costs.

Turn Areas of Wear-and-Tear into Part of Your Landscaping

If you have areas of grass that are well trafficked or that have seasonal drainage issues, you can fix the problems while also making them visually appealing. An easy way to do this is by integrating stepping stones, pavers or natural gravel along walkways. This will allow for better drainage in the areas while also elevating your landscaping.

This is also an important factor while showing potential tenants your property. You want to make sure your property comes across as well taken care of so this allows you to kill two birds with one stone.

Consider Using Permanent Mulch

Permanent mulches such as gravel or rock can help you create a timeless look for your property while also reducing maintenance. Using rocks throughout your landscaping can also reduce water requirements for your plants, which can also ultimately help you save money.

Update Outdoor Lighting

Lighting fixtures can easily date your property and are an easy update to improve your curb appeal. We suggest going with something simple that will serve your property and keep the look timeless. Another important thing to consider is how well-lit walkways and other areas of your property are. This will help tenants feel safe while out and about your property at night.

Interested in learning how you can update your properties landscaping to appeal to current and potential tenants? Contact us today to learn more.