Part 1: Essential Factors to Consider When Painting the Exterior of Your Multifamily Property

Painting the exterior of your multifamily property can bring a fresh clean look to your property and enhance aesthetic value while improving its curb appeal. A fresh paint job will hide imperfections and, if done properly, will also act as a protective measure against future weather damage. Choosing the right exterior paint color scheme will enhance the overall look and feel of the property, can highlight interesting architectural details while driving traffic to your leasing office. It may sound simple, but more often than not, it is a much more difficult task than you think. Several elements must be taken into consideration which must flow together in order to create that “pop” that separates your property from the rest of the pack.

Lifestyle & Demographic

What is the demographic of the current tenant base and which lifestyle are you trying to portray to the future tenant base as you transform your property? Consider your neighborhood and the lifestyle you are presenting to your residents. A bright, funky colored building may appeal to a more urban millennial demographic, whereas a traditional neutral color scheme may attract an older demographic. 

Competitors (submarket)

What do the neighboring competing properties in the submarket look like? Have they re-painted or renovated their amenities recently or do they plan to? Consider how you differ from those properties to help you create a scheme that will help you stand out from the pack and create interest in the people driving by the property every day.

Modern Gem Design :: Essential Factors to Consider When Painting the Exterior of Your Multifamily Property
Modern Gem Design :: Essential Factors to Consider When Painting the Exterior of Your Multifamily Property
Modern Gem Design :: Essential Factors to Consider When Painting the Exterior of Your Multifamily Property

Condition of Existing Surface Materials

What surface materials are you working with for siding, trim, railings, and doors? Wood, aluminum, brick, masonite, vinyl? Will any of these surface materials be replaced before the painting begins? If you come across damage due to rotting or deterioration of the buildings, those areas must be replaced before painting. If you don’t replace it and simply paint over it, these areas will turn into more serious issues down the road that will be costly.

Analyze the buildings with great detail

Analyze the entire property and get a feel for buildings relationship to the other elements and amenities on the property.

  • How many building types are there? Each building type has different architectural elements. Each of these elements need to have a paint color tied to it, and to be cohesive with the other building types.
  • Roofs. What color is the roof? Will the roof shingles be replaced? The color MUST coincide with the color of the roof or else it just doesn’t look cohesive. Sometimes you have to sacrifice ideal style and color preference so that it works with the roofs.

Your roof, chimney, and parking lot are all areas that will not be painted but should play a role in your color choices. 


When choosing paint colors factor in existing landscaping in your color palette. If you have vibrant, bright colored flowers or a natural setting of green, choose colors that will complement them. 

Use an experienced and reliable contractor

Find a contractor that has excellent experience with all aspects of painting apartment communities including materials, proper prepping, paint type for building materials, weather restrictions, and time of year to paint (October and late Spring before Summer are best) when it’s not super hot, when it is dry (no rain, snow, or excessive heat)

Feedback from Staff & Residents

Get feedback and approval from onsite staff and residents. How will the change in your community translate to the people who live and work there? There may be times where if you do not seek out opinions from residents and they don’t like it, they may move out. On the flip side, if they do like it, they get excited and spread the exciting news to friends and family.

As you can see there are numerous factors to consider when choosing a new exterior paint scheme for your multifamily property. However, once you consider all of these factors and choose the right color scheme for your property will help provide a fresh, clean look for your property and help improve the quality of life for your tenants. If you are considering updating the exterior paint of your multifamily property and would like some professional help, please contact us for a consultation today!